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Children's Dental Health Month

CDHM is officially celebrated in February, but you can learn about oral health any time of the year. Find resources to help children learn, in a fun way, about the importance of their oral health.

CDHM Planning Kit

The CDHM Planning Kit includes various activity sheets to challenge your students' skills as they learn about oral health. Check out the games, puzzles, cool coloring sheets and the smile calendar within the activity sheets.


  • The McGrinn Twins, Flossy and Buck, along with their best friends and next-door neighbors Den and Gen Smiley, are going for the gold to get a winning smile.

Here's an Idea CDHM Activities!

  • Beyond participating in the CDHM contest, your school can create an oral health bulletin board. A simple bulletin board with brochures, tips and health messages is a great way to promote oral health at schools. Find other ideas and activities at www.ada.org.

Teacher Resources

The ADA provides great curriculum resources for incorporating oral health lessons into your classroom during National Children’s Dental Health Month or any time throughout the school year. If you need more ideas and resources for your classroom visit www.ada.org.

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