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Course descriptions and Continuing Education credits. Click here to meet the speakers. To access the course handout, please click on the course title.

Paperless Course Handouts

Connect4Success 2015 will be a paperless CE event! All course handouts will be available to download prior to the event and will cut down the excess paper used. Thank you to all Connect4Success attendees for helping make this conference green!

Course Descriptions

Friday Morning Courses

Dentistry for Children: Getting an Early Start | 2.75 CEU

Are you currently seeing children under age 3 in your practice? If not, you are missing out on an entire patient population that could potentially be your patient for their entire life. This comprehensive course will give you all the tools you need to create an infant oral health program for your dental practice. You will learn how to assess the caries risk on an infant or toddler, provide counseling to parents on caries prevention, and answer their questions regarding feeding and brushing habits. You will also be able to provide information concerning non-nutritive sucking habits and bruxism concerns.


  • Recognize the optimum age to start seeing a child in order to prevent future dental caries
  • Understand how the child’s early physical health can influence their risk for dental caries
  • Learn how to perform a thorough clinical examination of the pediatric dental patient

Presented by Craig Hollander, DDS

Oral Complications Associated with Cancer and Its Treatment | 2.75 CEU

The purpose of this lecture is to provide an overview of the oral manifestations and complications associated with various forms of cancer with a focus on the oral cavity.  A variety of therapeutic modalities will also be presented to minimize the complications from the malignancy itself, as well as, the accompanied radiation and chemotherapies.  The use and reliability of new testing procedures and diagnostic aids with be discussed as well.  The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the most current treatment recommendations and precautions associated with medication related osteoradionecrosis.


  • Understand the role of the human papilloma virus in oropharyngeal cancer
  • Review the role and effectiveness of adjunctive oral cancer diagnostic aids
  • Learn how to recognize and treat the complications associated with oral radiation therapy
  • Learn how to recognize and treat the complications associated with chemotherapy
  • Review the current recommendations for the treatment of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)

Presented by Eric Gottman, DDS

Friday Afternoon Courses

Current Concepts in Implant Dentistry | 2.75 CEU

Maximum of 24 Attendees. No Additional Charge.

Take the mystery out of full arch cases and customized implant procedures with this hands-on program. This course will cover a range of topics to enable you to understand and implement implant treatment for the patients in your practice. During this course, you will learn about implant supported overdentures including the details surrounding the “All-On-Four” treatment plan. In addition, you will learn about implant staging, temporary abutment and crown fabrication and understand the custom impression process. During the hands-on portion, the attendee will fabricate temporary abutment and crowns as well as custom impression coping.


  • Implant Supported Overdentures: "All-On-Four" Design
    • Understand the phases of the “All-on-Four” treatment plan
    • Understand the surgical and prosthetic concepts of a fixed hybrid denture
    • Understand the conversion process
    • Understand maintenance and possible complications
  • Restoring Implants in The Aesthetic Zone: Custom Temporaries and Impressions
    • Lecture:
      • Understand the implant staging
      • Understand temporary abutment and crown fabrication
      • Understand tissue sculpting and development
      • Understand the custom impression process
    • Hands On:
      • Fabricate temporary abutment and crown
      • Fabricate custom impression coping 

Presented by Jon Copeland, DDS and Chris May, CDT

Be a ROCK-STAR Team-Move from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be | 2.75 CEU

Everyone longs to be part of something special, to know their contributions make a difference. When Dr. Tanya Brown started her practice from scratch, she had a vision of a productive, high-performing team. In the beginning, the vision did not always match reality, but through trial and error, Dr. Brown discovered key elements that have repeatedly created Rock-Star teams.  Whether it is team disharmony, schedule overload or case acceptance, this course uncovers and discovers simple yet effective steps to turn things around. The real magic of this program happens when attendees realize that everything needed for success lies within. You will be able to move from where you are to where you want to be starting on Monday!


  • Learn How to Make a Difference to Your Patients
  • Master the 4 Languages of Communication
  • Customize the Top 3 “Must-Have” Practice Protocols
  • Put an End to the Gossiping & Grumbling for Good!

Presented by Tanya Brown, DDS

Saturday Morning Courses

Make Your Practice a Masterpiece-Create a Practice that is Patient Centered & Profitable | 2.75 CEU

Every dentist would like to increase the profitability of his or her practice. There are a multitude of systems, skills, strategies and spreadsheets to track your performance and profitability. In this course, I will share the things that every dentist and team member MUST DO to increase their profitability while still providing excellent care. We will touch on how to use effective communication, leadership at all levels, and marketing strategies to make your practice a masterpiece.

  • Understand the “WHY” & “HOW” of a Profitable Practice
  • Discover the “MUST-KNOW” Ways to Increase Your Profitability
  • Learn How to Get OFF the Treadmill for GOOD
  • Customize the Top Marketing Strategies for 2015
  • Create Your Personal Strategy for Growth & Success

Presented by Tanya Brown, DDS

Practical Business Insights for the Successful Dentist | 2.75 CEU

Handouts will be provided the day of the course.

You start or purchase a practice with the desire to succeed and be profitable, but where do you find the resources to help you be a successful dentist? What are the statistics that you need to watch and be aware of? How do you protect the investment you worked hard to grow? MDIS and BWTP want to enlighten you on how to utilize them as a resource, protect your investment and be successful through insurance protection, communication with your patients and team members, practice organization and getting yourself set up for your retirement.


  • Measuring your Success with Statistics
  • Proactively Implement Practice Organization
  • Removing Barriers for Enhanced Communication
  • Internally Selling Your Practice
  • Practice Safeguards-Protect Your Investment

Presented by Angela Pratt, RDH, BSBA, Jerri Wildhaber and Greg Russell

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