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Course descriptions and Continuing Education credits. Click here to meet the speakers. To access the course handout, please click on the course title.

Course Handouts

All other course handouts will be provided by speaker during event.

Course Descriptions

Friday Morning Course

Leading Missouri Dentistry | 2.75 CEU

Good leaders aren’t born, they’re trained. Just as dentistry comprises a defined body of knowledge and skills, so does leadership. And, just as it true that certain persons have innate talents and abilities that make them more likely to be good dentists, so too certain persons have innate talents that make them more likely to be good leaders. However, without proper training and practice, people will neither be good dentists or good leaders. Moreover, skills that makes a good dentist doesn’t necessarily make a good leader. This interactive workshop will focus on critical skills and abilities needed for effective leadership in organized dentistry.


  • Describe the duties legally required of association leaders
  • Explain the factors associated with effective organizations
  • Discuss the myths surrounding board and committee participation
  • Plan ways to increase your leadership skills

Presented by Michael Gallery, PDD, FASAE, CAE

Friday Afternoon Courses

Achieving Financial Independence for New Doctors | 2.75 CEU

It’s never too early to start planning for financial success! Using these winning strategies, you can develop a game plan to prevent common mistakes and reach your personal and practice financial goals. This program contains “inside information” that you simply can’t find elsewhere—gleaned from working exclusively with the dental profession.


  • Reduce stress: control your money, rather than letting it control you
  • Develop winning saving and debt reduction strategies
  • Take advantage of huge tax-deductible retirement savings strategies
  • Dramatically increase business tax deductions
  • Slash children’s educational costs
  • Review provisions of the new American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Presented by Brett Miller, CPA, CFP

Lab Communication: Achieving Excellent Results | 2.75 CEU

Want to learn tips, techniques and solutions to make your dental practice more successful? This program will cover an array of topics that dental practices and dental laboratories face on a daily basis, focusing on communication, impressioning, product choice, product placement, case planning, shade communication and digital technology in the laboratory. It will cover concerns on impressioning from the dental laboratory perspective, both fixed/removable and conventional/digital. Communication is imperative for successful cases; as such, ack of communication with your lab can cost you time and money. We’ll discuss these areas of miscommunication and how to improve partnerships between the operatory and laboratory.


  • Learn what to look for and how to limit impressioning issues before you take the first one
  • Take an edentulous impression efficiently and predictably and learn model pouring tips to ensure a successful prosthetic
  • Learn general communication tools that can benefit both the operatory and laboratory
  • Understand more fully laboratory processes and how this will help your practice increase efficiency and productivity
  • Learn what products are available and when and where to use them

Presented by Paul Phillips

Saturday Morning Courses

Dentistry for Children: Getting an Early Start | 2.75 CEU

Are you currently seeing children under age 3 in your practice? If not, you are missing out on an entire patient population that could potentially be your patient for their entire life. This comprehensive course will give you all the tools you need to create an infant oral health program for your dental practice. You will learn how to assess the caries risk on an infant or toddler, provide counseling to parents on caries prevention, and answer their questions regarding feeding and brushing habits. You also will be able to provide information concerning non-nutritive sucking habits and bruxism concerns.


  • Recognize the optimum age to start seeing a child in order to prevent future dental caries
  • Understand how the child’s early physical health can influence their risk for dental caries
  • Learn how to perform a thorough clinical examination of the pediatric dental patient

Presented by Craig Hollander, DDS | Co-Sponsored by Missouri Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Investing 101 For New Doctors | 2.75 CEU

Getting started with investing can be overwhelming. Making bad investment decisions in your early years can cost doctors thousands, in some cases millions, of dollars over the course of their life. Take control and reach retirement on your time table by doing things right at the beginning of your career. This program is designed to teach new and seasoned doctors how to avoid the most common investment errors made by their peers.


  • Review current economic conditions and the investment environment
  • Understand your portfolio and design proper asset allocation based on age and risk profiles
  • Understand Roth IRA funding and conversion strategies for doctors
  • Maximize tax-efficient investing by using different account registrations
  • Reduce excessive commissions and fees by understanding front-end/back-end loaded investments
  • Know how to properly monitor performance and and the advisory relationship issues critical to success
  • Gain investment strategies for slashing taxes through proper gain/loss and charitable gifting planning

Presented by Jeffrey Harrell, CFA

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