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Preventive techniques and healthy habits are vital to good oral and overall health. Below are several oral health education pieces offered by the MDA. Learn more about these materials, find additional resources and order materials online.

YMITYour Mouth Is Talking

The importance of oral health reaches far beyond your mouth. Research has shown links between gum disease and other significant health conditions. For example: Prenatal Care, Heart Disease and Diabetes Management. As you age, your health needs and risks change. The same is true with your mouth. At each stage of life there are important preventive maintenance guidelines to improve your oral health which can improve your total health

  • Includes Your Mouth by the Decades for Early Childhood, Kids and Teens, Adults, Older Adults.

Learn more about Your Mouth Is Talking | Order Your Mouth Is Talking Materials

Stop The PopStop the Pop

Soft drinks, juices and sports drinks provide huge amounts of sugars to many diets, and drinking too much can cause tooth decay and harm your health. Learn how these beverages can cause tooth decay and what you can do to prevent it and improve your health.

  • Soft drinks are a problem not only for what they contain (acid and sugar), but for what they push out of the diet, including vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

Learn more about Stop the Pop | Order Stop the Pop Materials

Start RightStart Right

Parents and caregivers make the difference in children getting a good start with oral health. Help ensure a healthy smile for your child by creating good habits from an early age, such as regular brushing, good nutrition, visits to the dentist and other decay prevention techniques.

  • Increasing evidence suggests that maternal gingivitis and periodontitis may be a risk factor for preterm birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Learn more about Start Right | Order Start Right Materials

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