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Amalgam Waste Best Management Practices

Dentists are encouraged to use Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help reduce the effects of amalgam waste on the environment. Here you'll learn about the MDA's efforts and find resources.


The environment is on the top of the minds of many. Dentists want to do their part to protect and improve Missouri’s environment. For this reason, the Missouri Dental Association has launched an initiative to promote the ADA’s Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste.

The MDA’s "Best Management Practices for the Environment" project encourages dentists to make ‘Small Changes toward a Big Difference.’

The primary focus of this initiative emphasizes educating members about amalgam waste collection and recycling, through the voluntary use of amalgam separators in the dental office. However, the project has broader goals for the future, including a full "go green" initiative that could incorporate energy cost savings, paperless offices and more.

While it’s a fact that dentists contribute a small part to the overall levels of mercury in the environment, the profession wants to do its part, especially as concerns of the effect of mercury in the environment have increased. Recycling amalgam waste through the use of amalgam separators and proper disposal are avenues for dentists to make a difference.

MDA Efforts

The MDA in 2009, conducted a survey of its members to design an effective educational program for our members. The Association partnered with the University of Missouri Extension Offices of Social and Economic Analysis and Environmental Assistance to collect and analyze the survey data and to assist with program development. The survey provided the MDA with a baseline assessment of BMP usage in dental offices. In addition to the survey, a BMP Ad Hoc Committee worked to develop an education program for the membership about BMP for amalgam waste management and a public relations campaign highlighting that dentists are environmentally conscious.

The education program kicked off at the 2010 MDA Winter Session where Dr. Fred Eichmiller, a leading dental amalgam expert, spoke about the ADA Best Management Practices. Related Focus article (Jan/Feb 2010). That program blossomed into an online CE opportunity that is a FREE MDA member benefit. Related Focus article (Nov/Dec 2010). Using the links below, you will find the BMP CE page, latest news and much more. Learn about Amalgam BMP and test your knowledge as you become a more environmentally conscious dentist.

Additional BMP Resources

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