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Posted by moda on 9/15/2014 9:37:00 AM

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Membership Task Force

Posted by moda on 8/26/2014 11:28:00 AM

Today was one that I had been looking forward to for some time. We hosted a Membership Task Force meeting in the basement of the MDA building and it was electric. I love working with such a variety of passionate members and smart staff who all care about making the MDA better.
Our task was a sober one: How do we address declining membership trends. We can't ignore them. We must have courage to examine causes and look at the landscape and figure out some ways to improve. We had a great team working on it. Here's the genesis of how it came together.
The ADA offers Membership Program for Growth grants to assist states with new outreach or membership ideas. We had previously used one to host our first ever Connect4Success conference for new dentists. It was a success that we are still building off. This time our grant request was for funding to pull together a statewide group to address the membership issue. Once we learned that we had the money, we identified a list of invitees. They were selected to represent every component, different ages, both dental schools, different practice models, both genders, ethnic diversity and different member statuses (never a member, non-renew, long timers, newbies). We had 21 dentists accept the invitation to participate at the event. Prior to that we established an email list serve and had some spirited engagement around a few questions. I knew today would be good based on the honest and reasoned opinions expressed on the list serve.
Stacey Kloeppel, MDA Membership Manager, and I worked with the ADA to plan the agenda and pull off the event. It was great to see all three levels of the tripartite working together to improve. That's the Power of 3. We made sure the agenda was interactive and filled with movement and discussion. After all these hearty volunteers sacrificed their Saturday for the great good.
Jeanine Pekkarinen and Chris Chico from the ADA, joined me and Stacey and Melissa Albertson as facilitators although it didn't take much to wind this crowd up. There was acceptance of the hard facts and resolve to address them. There was plenty of optimism about the resources at hand and the future of the profession. Basically, we just needed to recommit to the number factor of membership growth...personal interaction. Even with all the data and technology, there is no substitute for welcoming a new member, listening to the issues of one considering not renewing, or engaging a fringe member to be more involved and discover all the benefits of membership.
I could go on and on but blogs are short form. Just know that we have some exciting and bold goals to be a relevant, vibrant, valuable, and growing organization focused on helping all members succeed.
A big shout out to the ADA and especially all the task force members who gave their time and talent to enrich the association.

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MDA Board Meeting

Posted by Paul on 8/22/2014 11:09:00 AM

The MDA Board meets quarterly to handle the business of the association. Today was one such meeting and I thought I would give you a brief look at what happens around the table. While no one mistake the work as sexy and must see TV, I do think you trustees are prepared and engaged for a wide scope of agenda items. This particular agenda included voting for membership awards, approving the budget that will be sent to the House of Delegates,  and hearing presentations on the National Dental Quality Alliance, the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health, and the status of oral health in Missouri. That's Dr. B. Ray Storm, state dental director at DHSS, addressing the group in the photo above.
In addition there are reports from committees, discussion items,a report from the executive director and various resolutions to consider. It's a mind meld of important information requiring insightful discussion and decision making. The board materials sent out in advance of the meeting totaled 312 pages! Your trustee is far from a nominal figure. They commit considerable time and study to represent you. Thankfully we have chocolate and caffeine on hand to spur the troops when needed.
As a reminder, any member may attend a meeting of the board. You might enjoy getting to know your leadership and watching them in action. You need to let Margie Kunzie know of your intentions so we can plan accordingly for space, etc. Margie@modental.org.

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Is It Safe Being a Patient?

Posted by Paul on 8/7/2014 4:20:00 PM

Today I attended the Missouri 2014 Joint Regulatory Patient Safety Conference in Columbia with our Well Being Program Administrator, Rebecca Mowen. It was sponsored by the four regulatory boards housed under the Missouri Department of Insurance and Professional Registration. These boards are the Missouri Dental Board, the Missouri Board of Nursing, the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, and the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts (medicine). The conference was the first time these entities had worked together in this manner.


The objective of the conference was to increase dialogue on the need for greater patient safety measures. This begins with communication and coordination of care across all possible caregivers associated with a patient from diagnosis to aftercare. The concept of a Just Culture was put forth where the focus is on proactive learning from errors and correcting systems rather than punishing offenders. Presentations were given by Becky Miller, executive director of the Center for Patient Safety Center, Steve Calloway, RPh and pharmacy board member, Drs. Les Hall and Erica Otis from MU School of Medicine, Dr Sue Scott, Manager of Patient Safety  and Risk Management at MU Healthcare, and Jim Wieberg, director of MAOPS Physician Health Program.


There was also a roundtable report from the four regulatory boards describing the scope and degree of patient safety issues they see in a year. They all gave examples of complaints and discipline as a means of showing how far reaching the patient safety issues can range. Brian Barnett represented the MDB and said they are obligated to investigate all of the approximate 400 complaints each year. Here’s how he broke down the classification and quantity of top complaints.

·         Quality of Care - 96

·         CE Violation - 32

·         Advertising Violation – 30

·         Malpractice Report – 28

·         Fee Dispute – 25

·         10 other categories had less than 20 cases


Mr. Barnett broke down the types of discipline into these categories and the number times each was used last year

·         Probation (up to 5 years) – 10

·         Suspension (up to 3 years) – 7

·         Censure – 2

·         Revocation – 2


Finally Mr. Barnett mentioned that the current hot topics that were hard to regulate centered around sedation and infection control.


There were no significant next steps announced at the conference other than to continue to work to improve collaborative communication and care coordination. The conference was filmed and will be made available for viewing and additional use. The MDA attended to keep abreast of the discussion. There was good content on provider burnout and second victim phenomenen that is of value to the Well Being Program.

My takeaway? Healthcare is complex and opportunities for unintended blunders are everywhere. Be careful and communicate!

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Give Kids A Smile Up Close

Posted by Paul on 8/5/2014 4:00:00 PM

You've seen me use this space often to laud the fine work of Give Kids A Smile. This program began in Missouri and is now a top flight effort in many states. I saw a great interview with Joan Allen, the GKAS Executive Director, on the Goedeker's Home Life blog. It goes into more detail than my space ever allows and it has some great photos. I encourage you to check it out and find a way to support this awesome endeavor. Congratulation to Joan and her whole team! Read the fine interview by blogger Liz Carroll here.

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Oral Health Awareness Month

Posted by Paul on 8/1/2014 8:38:00 AM

Welcome to August. It is now officially Oral Health Awareness Month for Missouri. This designation is a result of  House Concurrent Resolution 25 that passed during the recent legislative session. The resolution was sponsored by Representative Donna Lichtenegger of Cape Girardeau. Rep. Lichtenegger is also a RDH and champions oral health in many ways. You can read the official resolution here.
The dental community certainly knows the value of prevention and that begins with awareness. What can you do this month to increase awareness where you practice? The MDA will post oral health tips through the month on the MDA Facebook page. There will also be links to MDA's Your Mouth is Talking Campaign and ADA's MouthHealthy,org. Both of these offer great education on oral health habits.
Here's a month focused on your profession. Make the most of it!

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Dr John Haynes - In Memoriam

Posted by Paul on 7/28/2014 3:14:00 PM

Dr John Haynes  1934-2014
It's always sad to learn of a member's death. Last week we lost a good man and a Missouri all star. Dr John Haynes was a personable and stabilizing fixture for UMKC, the MDA, and the profession in general for more than 50 years. He always greeted me by name and made me feel welcomed. I would see him at UMKC or at MOMOM and his enthusiasm for people never waned. He was a life giver to all he met.
It's not my place to eulogize him. You can read his obituary here. I was moved by what his peers and students said about him in response to an email with the news of his passing. I won't contribute names. You'll see the sentiment rang true in every case. Rest in Peace, Dr. Haynes.
  • I did not attend UMKC. I met Dr. Haynes because he was everywhere. Always involved, always smiling, always a leader. He always treated myself and everyone else as if we were his best friend
  • Being from St. Louis, I relate him as the Stan Musial of dentistry.  Nobody else played the game as long as he did without one person having a negative thing to say about them, and every person that he encountered having a positive memory of him. I bet he wrote between 20-50 letters of rec. per year. Can you imagine how many careers he directly affected over a 50 year career with that?
  • It truly is a sad day. John was a great person and mentor. He always had a smile and a kind word, no matter what was happening around him. Our profession lost a great one!

  • I just saw and visited with "brother John" at the UMKC SOD alumni conference breakfast. He seemed to be the same as he was 30 plus years ago. I even told him that. He will be missed for sure. He continued to do the work he loved to do till the end. That is a great way to live.


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ADA Management Conference

Posted by Paul on 7/23/2014 3:49:00 PM

This week Vicki Wilbers, Stacey Kloeppel and I were in Chicago for the ADA Management Conference for state and component staff. It may sound rather dry but it is enormously helpful. Much like having all parties together at our MDA planning session helps our state plan, having all parties together on the national level helps our tripartite plan. The exchange of ideas from many veteran leaders and the ADA's open stance to listen and respond makes this conference meaningful.
In one intense day we get behind the curtain updates on ADA initiatives from leaders and key staff and we get plenty of opportunity to figure some things out for ourselves. Sessions included Building a Bridge of Success from Dental Student to New Dentist Member. This was so appropriate base on current activities within the MDA. We also learned about branding and how the tripartite can look more like one cohesive unit. This was cool to the eyes to see what some scenarios may look like.  And finally there was an update on  Action for Dental Health.  My head hurt from all the intake and now I'm dangerous because I know a little bit about a lot of things.
There are some other wonderful aspects of the conference like the camaraderie of committed leaders. Above you will notice Dr Chuck Norman, ADA President, presenting a plaque to Val Celentano from Rhode Island Dental Association for more than 40 years of service. There's also a wonderful reception (thank you US Bank). This year it was at the Tower Room of the Chicago Tribune building. The views and interaction were magnificent.
I won't drill down any deeper with details as I'm still processing it all but I do know the ADA and the states are taking this Power of Three initiative to heart as we seek to meet member needs, solve member problems, and exceed member expectations.

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ADA Management Conference - DPN Day

Posted by Paul on 7/21/2014 3:34:00 PM

Today I attended the annual Dental Philanthropy Network meeting at the ADA headquarters. It always meets in advance of the Management Conference. This is an important colleague group for me in my role as Foundation Director. I'm still a newbie with lots to learn and these folks have wisdom to share.
Our agenda centered around presentations on "Association Foundation Relationships", "Fulfilling Philanthropy: A Joint Effort" and a Panel Discussion on Engaging Stakeholders. But as you can guess, it was the table talk and real life scenarios from the battlefield that taught me the most.
Both our MDA Foundations have great boards, clear purpose, and engaging programs. They are poised for growth as funds are developed and people are trained. If you have a heart to help in any capacity, perhaps as a way to stay connected while in semi retirement, reach out to me and let's plug you in. paul@modental.org
Meanwhile thank you to all those who support and promote the work of our Foundations. They reflect positively on your profession and it's an honor to direct them.

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ADA NDC - The Wrap Up

Posted by Paul on 7/19/2014 3:11:00 PM

Kudos to you Kansas City! It's been a busy, fun, and successful four days here at the ADA NDC. Only one other conference had higher attendance than this one. Way to rock it!  I can't begin to quantify the impact individual attendees reaped much less gage the invaluable impact of people connecting in so many settings on so many levels. It makes you proud and hopeful to be associated with organized dentistry.
While I tried to tip my hat in these many posts to a wide variety of people who were integral to the success of the conference, I'm sure I missed someone. I do want to thank our current MO ND Committee Chair, Dr Sarah Mahaffey and MDA Membership Manager, Stacey Kloeppel for keeping people fired up and handling all manner of details. That's the two of them above confering on high level matters. I also salute all the MDA ND Committee members and local arrangements committee members for their service.
As the ADA ND Committee handed out an assortment of fun door prizes (who doesn't like to win cool stuff?), the buzz was about what will happen next year. I think changes are afoot but that's for the ADA to announce. I can tell you, Dr Jon Copeland is taking over the reigns here in Missouri and we plan to continue our networking and development with the return of the highly received Connect4Success conference. Watch your MDA news channels for an official announcement of date and location for June 2015.
As I bid adieu I hope any MDA members reading this are encouraged by the changes and growth occurring at the state and national level. Find out how you can join in wherever you are geographically or in your career path by reaching out to the MDA. In fact, just drop me a line at paul@modental.org and I'll hook you up.

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