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ADA Management Conference

Posted by Paul on 7/23/2014 3:49:00 PM

This week Vicki Wilbers, Stacey Kloeppel and I were in Chicago for the ADA Management Conference for state and component staff. Itmay sound rather dry but it is enormously helpful. Much like having all parties together at our MDA planning session helps our state plan, having all parties together on the national level helps our tripartite plan. The exchange of ideas from many veteran leaders and the ADA's open stance to listen and respond makes this conference meaningful.
In one intense day we get behind the curtain updates on ADA initiatives from leaders and key staff and we get plenty of opportunity to figure some things out for ourselves. Sessions included Buildinga Bridge of Success from Dental Student to New Dentist Member. This was so appropriate base on current activities within the MDA. We also learned about branding and how the tripartite can look more like one cohesive unit. This was cool to the eyes to see what some scenarios may look like. And finally there was an update on Action for Dental Health. My head hurt from all the intake and now I'm dangerous because I know a little bit about a lot of things.
There are some other wonderful aspects of the conference like the camaraderie of committed leaders. Above you will notice Dr Chuck Norman, ADA President, presenting a plaque to Val Celentano from Rhode Island Dental Association for more than 40 years of service. There's also a wonderful reception (thank you US Bank). This year it was at the Tower Room of the Chicago Tribune building. The views and interaction were magnificent.
I won't drill down any deeper with details as I'm still processing it all but I do know the ADA and the states are taking this Power of Three initiative to heart as we seek to meet member needs, solve member problems, and exceed member expectations.

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