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ADA Management Conference - DPN Day

Posted by Paul on 7/21/2014 3:34:00 PM

Today I attended the annual Dental Philanthropy Network meeting at the ADA headquarters. It always meets in advance of the Management Conference. This is an important colleague group for me in my role as Foundation Director. I'm still a newbie with lots to learn and these folks have wisdom to share.
Our agenda centered around presentations on"Association Foundation Relationships", "Fulfilling Philanthropy: A Joint Effort" and a Panel Discussion on Engaging Stakeholders. But as you can guess, it was the table talk and real life scenarios from the battlefield that taught me the most.
Both our MDA Foundations have great boards, clear purpose, and engaging programs. They are poised for growth as funds are developed and people are trained. If you have a heart to help in any capacity, perhaps as a way to stay connected while in semi retirement, reach out to me and let's plug you in. paul@modental.org
Meanwhile thank you to all those who support and promote the work of our Foundations. They reflect positively on your profession and it's an honor to direct them.

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