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Posted by Paul on 7/18/2014 2:32:00 PM

It's Friday Night in Kansas City and you have a conference full of new dentists, where do you go? To the Power and Light District for a little R&R (rodeo and rum?). Thanks to the generous support of the ADA Members Insurance Plan and Retirement Programs from AXA, attendees had the choice of attending PBR Big Sky for a special event.
Naturally, the big attraction is the mechanical bull or the fool maker as some might call it. Throughout the night, gauntlets of challenge to ride the bull were issued between doctors, friends, andassociates. Fortified with liquid courage and blinded by delusion and some innate desire in many of us to "see what it's like", the bull had many a rider. Better judgment keeps me from posting photos ofall those who rode. However, I'm not above putting my co-workers at risk. Actually, Vicki and Stacey stayed on the entire time. I think the operator was angling for free dental care based on the treatment many received. As for myself, despite my impeccable form, once that belly gets going side to side, my only hope is for a soft landing.
The turnout for this event was awesome. The food and beverage and music were exceptional. The weather was spectacular and KC did us all proud as a host. Now word has it that the official event spilled out into the greater venue and included some shenanigans at the Shark Bar. However my lawyer and employer suggest I keep those photos and stories to myself out of respect for professional decorum. That's a tall order but those who read this blog already know my propensity towards the other kind of bull so I will stop right here!

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