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Farmington Fluoridation battle

Posted by Paul on 7/14/2014 10:50:00 AM

The community fluoridation issue isnot going away and is not to be taken lightly. Over the weekend, we learnedthat the city of Farmington, MOis requesting public input on continuing their community wide fluoridation (CWF).The meetingis planned for July 28th.
The MDA immediately notified 7 local member dentists in the Farmington area. Their strong and respected voice will be needed at the meeting. It proved quite helpful to have MDA members engage thepublic with facts and expertise from their field at other similar city council meetings like the one in Columbia and Forsyth last November.
This is the sixth Missouri location we know of to take on this issue in 2014. That equals the number of CWF issues from all of 2013 and we are barely past the halfway point of the year.
You can read the local article. I won't rehash all of it for you but it highlights the maindebate of cost savings vs potentialhealth benefit. It is importantfor the dental profession to actively educate the public on this issue.
The article allows you to vote your preference on the issue. This is one easy way to represent your opinion on this valuable public health practice. I voted and now I'm blogging about it to raise awareness. What can you do to help?
I wish to thank Dr Lori Henderson for her vigilant watchfulness and leadership on the flurodie issue. Dr Ray Storm, State Dental Director at Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is alsoinstrumental on this front in his new role. It takes everyone of us!

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