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UMKC Alumni Golf

Posted by Paul on 5/30/2014 4:18:00 PM

MDA President, Dr Merle Nunemaker, is known for his golf game. Or just perhaps that he's an avid player. Either way, I was delighted when he took me up on an off-handed comment last year that he should include me on one of his teams. I got the call to the big leagues today when I joined him for the UMKCDental Alumni ScholarshipTournament.
Little did I know I would be placed on the team with tourney organizers and esteemedveterans, Dr Joe Spalitto and Dr Phil Gravino (see above). Let's just say my appearance did not benefit the team. You will notice our name is not on the first page of the leader board. It was perhaps th most expensive three under score ever shot on a golf course.As a result, I don't expect to get invited back unless mediocrity becomes paramount. Nonetheless I was well received and thoroughly enjoyed my time at this important event. Thank you, Dr Nunemaker for including me.
One last tale of glory. The pre-tournament activities included a putting contest. Every player had one shot at a tricky downhill putt of about 100 feet. Make and win cash!DrNunemakerwent first and missed. Then I went and missed. Then Merle decided he would "aw shucks" and practice the shot again. He made TWO IN A ROW. Thus the high five. Too bad we didn't make the putts when they counted!

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