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Washington Leadership Conference

Posted by Paul on 5/21/2014 3:13:00 PM

Advocacy for the profession, consistently ranks as a top benefit named by MDA members every year. They seem tounderstand how important it is to lobby for laws that protect the patient, the profession, and the business. This process is often slower than we desire but an absence at the table is a worse fate. You can be proud of the work the MDA Legislative team does at the state level. Many of you support that work through MODentPac giving. Thank you!

But this political engagement is just as vital at the federal level and that's where the ADA's Washington Leadership Conference comes in. This past week, the MDA delegation took part in a fast paced conference and paid a visit to MO Congressman, Jason Smith.
For a full report on the conference or how it impacts Missouri, reach out to MDA Legislative and Regulatory Director, Patrick Baker at Patrick@modental.org.
I was sent some photos and wanted to highlight and thankthe Missouri delegation. You will see the team above in the photo by the Capitol. They are from L-R: Drs Charles McGinty, Bob Butler, Elwood Rice, Tim Curry, Cheryl Haley, Mark Zust, and David Struble. The same team is joined by Patrick Baker in Congressman Smith's office. Our very own, Dr Charles McGinty is the ADPAC Chair Elect. We are proud of him! And among the many speakers was Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary and political commentator on Fox News.

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