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MOMOM - The Thank You's

Posted by Paul on 5/5/2014 11:54:00 AM

Enormous undertakings like MOMOM require enormous help from multiple sources. On behalf of the MDA Foundation whooversees MOMOM, I can't say thank you enough to all involved. It's always tricky to thank specific people because you risk leaving someone out. Call me crazy for trying. Iwill attempt my listin terms of leadership, money, service, and support.
Leadership Team: Dr Stu Waite, Dr Jeff Davidson, and Lisa Woodfin formed a formidable trio at the helm of MOMOM. They worked tirelessly to put together a team and execute the game plan. Thank you for your leadership. You had a good team of committed leads both locally and from previous MOMOMs. The clinic ran smoothly thanks to solid leadership. I salute you all!
Donors: These adventures are not cheap but we have some spectacular donors who keep the ship afloat. Regardless of the amount they give because they care. Some are companies. Some are individuals. Many donate "in-kind" to see the project succeed. Thank you for your generosity. You can check out the full list here.
Service: This is a tip of the hat to all the volunteers. Did you know they came from 10 different states? There's just something about working together to help others that is inspirational. I see it on the faces of dentists and hygienists but also on all the community volunteers who did essential jobs from parking cars to making copies to serving food to escorting patients and on and on. MOMOM would never succeed without a strong core of caring people. Pat yourself on the back.
Support: There are a lot of behind the scenes players who make MOMOM work. To name a few, we have America's Dentist Care Foundation who provides the chairs and "guts" of the clinic. Their expertise and experience are invaluable. There is Chaifetz Arena and Saint Louis University Dental Specialties who provided a great facility and parking at an affordable price. They met our many requests and changes with professional excellence. Then there's all the folks I call the dental community. From the labs and the vendors to the professional organizations and schools to the hotels and service vendors- everyone loves their profession and pitches in to make MOMOM the best it can be. Thank you!
I wish I could scroll through 1100 plus names and cover everyone but I know they all do it from their heart so I hope they receive this big thank you straight to their heart as well!

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