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National Signing Day

Posted by Paul on 4/15/2014 3:13:00 PM

Today was National Signing Day at our last Food for Thought Program for the 2013-2014 school year at UMKC. We had activities and prizes galore. There was energy in the room and it was for more than the pizza. As you can see we had a packed house. Jerri Wildhaber from MDIS, our FFT sponsor, introduced our speaker Dr Dustin Burleson. He's an perennial favorite and he did not disappoint. Dr Burleson showed why he's the ADA 2014 Golden Apple winner for New Dentist Leadership by challenging the students to properly manage expectations while striving for excellence.
Beyond the great content, we signed up 61 of the 4th year students to transition them from student membership to professional membership. In fact, one lucky male and one lucky female winner were selected as $250 winners for signing up early. Many students expressed plans to stay in Missouri and be involved with the MDA. We are here to help them succeed. Additionally, Stacey gave all 4th year students a Power of 3 Musketeer candy bar to remind them of the advantage of tripartite membership.
Over the 6 FFT events this year, we had 724 students in attendance.Jester Paulgave out $20 to 5 students at each event and then gave out all sorts of gift certificates, books, etc. at the big finale. Your chances to win were increased by the number of times you attended. This prize plan plus good food and excellent speakers seemed to make this the best year for FFT in recent memory. Our goal is to get even better next year as we deliver what the students need and request.
Thanks to everyone for a great year. I love being around dental students. The lifeblood of your profession. See you next fall!

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