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MOMOM reaches to Florida?

Posted by Paul on 4/3/2014 9:26:00 AM

Part of the joy of Mission of Mercy clinics is the camaraderie and support you find from other states. Ideas and manpower are freely shared as everyone is in it for the patient. Last year in Cape Girardeau, I met Dr. Leo Cullinan, a Missouri native now practicing orthodonture in Naples, FL. He came to our MOMOM to learn the ropes in hopes of leading the first event in Florida. We hit it off from the start and continued via email and phone to swap ideas as he ambitiously set a date for 9 months later in Tampa.
As the event drew closer, I felt like I was missing out on the birth of a child. Thankfully, the Florida Dental Association Foundation paid my airfare to have me join them for the weekend. I was honored to put in the long hours and offer some help to Dr Cullinan and his great team. They had a smashing premier and treated 1650 patients over two days. The spark has been lit and Florida now has the MOM bug.
Dr Cullinan is gifted and full of energy and an exceptional leader. It was a privilege to be in the trenches with our Florida neighbors (well,I wish they were next door neighbors after the brutal winter!). Plus, I learned a few lessons that should help us in St Louis in 4 weeks when we roll out MOMOM 3 at the Chaifetz Arena. We still need 50 dentists and 200 volunteers so sign up online at www.momom.org before April 14th!

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