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Festus Rotary and MOMOM

Posted by Paul on 3/18/2014 9:22:00 AM

Today, at the request of Dr Nick Marino,I was the guest speaker at the Festus- Crystal City Rotary Club.That's them waving atme above when I said I would put them in my blog! Both I and my topic, MOMOM, were warmly received by this active and caring civic club. I showed the video and gave some history and ran over a few numbers related to the clinic but in my mind the best part was the endorsement from Dr Marino. He volunteered at Cape last year and has signed up for both days this year to work in oral surgery and extract teeth. His enthusiasm for how well the clinic runs and how much immediate care is provided is contagious. I even had a brand new member dentist in the audience come up to me and offer to volunteer.
Equally important was the awareness for possible patients. Festus is not that far from Chaifetz Arena, the host location this year for MOMOM. A number of the Rotarians expressed interest in spreading the word among needy audiences in the area. The response just reinforces the validity of holding a large dental clinic like MOMOM.

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