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Well Being Mission Reborn and Rejuvenated

Posted by Paul on 3/7/2014 3:43:00 PM

Yesterday was an important day for Well Being Foundation. Allow me to elaborate and possibly enlist your involvement.
For years the Well Being Program has been a vital part of the MDA as a support to dental professionals struggling with impairment issues from substance abuse. In 2009 the Well being Foundation,a 501 C-3, was formed primarily as a fiscal agent to widen the funding net to enhance the program. While helpful from an administrative standpoint, we failed at that time to hone the mission of the Foundation and give it vitality. While the Well Being program has continued to serve it's purpose, people involved with the Foundation knew there was much more to offer.
As the MDA Foundation and Outreach Director, the Well Being Foundation falls in my area of responsibility. It was clear that we needed to gather the board and refocus our attention. With the help of a facilitator we spent 4 very engaging hours discussing our mission and deciding on our wildly important goals. I admire the passion andexperienced insightthat Drs Kane and Standlee and Susan Clifford, RDH, brought to the room. Program administrator, Rebecca Mowen, joined Vicki Wilbers and I to round out the team.
Most encouraging was the positive vision to change the focus of the Well Being Foundation from illness based (addiction, etc) to wellness focused. You could feel the energy rise as we all talked about the numerous issues beyond substance abuse that dental professionalsencounterand that we could offer resources and support for. Here is the new mission statement:
To promote a healthy dental professional, dental team, and their families by providing education, resources, and support.
Doesn't that sound stirring?! We have a long way to go to fulfill our vision but our path is clear and defined. In fact the first thing we identified asessential to success was broadening the team - both in board members and in interested volunteers and partners who have apassion for healthy living. Could that be you? If so, shoot me an email at paul@modental.org and we can talk about options. Together we can work to improve the health and success of our beloved dental professionals, teams, and families.

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