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FFT - Dr Jon Copeland

Posted by Paul on 3/11/2014 4:25:00 PM

Today was another fabulous installment of the MDA's Food for Thought program at UMKC. The sun was shining. The food was delicious Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, and the speaker was none other thanthe genuine and engaging Dr Jon Copeland (UMKC '09). Dr Copeland made the trip all the way from Wildwood, MO to share his experience with the 120+ in attendance.
After some preliminary remarks about his 5 years experiencepost graduation, Dr Copeland took a wide range of questions from the students who were curious about everything from student loans to CE to partnerships to family issues. Dr Copeland was funny and realistic while sharing his opinions. It's the perfect brief, genuine, direct, and positive interaction we want our members to share with their future colleagues. And according to one student's unsolicited feedback, we are hitting the target when it comes to what students want from FFT. Giving out $20 bills to 5 lucky winners doesn't hurt either!
April 15th is the last scheduled FFT for the school year. Dr Dustin Burleson, reigning MDA New Dentist of the Year and recent ADA Golden Apple Award winner will be our speaker. We will make a concerted effort to convert 4th year students from student membership to MDA membership and we will have a palooza of cash and prizes to give away. The more events the students attended throughout the year, the better their chances are at winning.
Thanks again to Dr Copeland and all who work to make FFT a success. Keep watching for a report on our grand finale!

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