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MDA Legislative Day 2014

Posted by Paul on 2/26/2014 3:51:00 PM

It was lovely day today to setMDA members loose on the Capitol to meet with their legislative representatives and advocate for your profession. In total20+ members came to Jefferson City to make rounds and talk up the MDA's legislative agenda from a provider's viewpoint.
I was so busy shuttling these committed politico's backand forth from the MDA office that Ionly had a chance to grab one photo of some of the Springfield group. Above you will see Drs Castleman, Vance, Struble, Stone, Kessler, Haley, and Bates as they finish their briefing at the MDA office. Perhaps later I will have some photos to share of our members with elected officials at the Capitol.
Thanks to Patrick Baker, MDA Legislative Director, for designing and executing a very prepared and efficient plan. All the reports I heard while shuttlingwere very positive about good meetings that were on time and expected by the legislator, being well prepared to present our issues, and having agood profile as a profession at the Capitol.
Momentum is good but it takes all hands. Please consider supporting MODentPac and attending Legislative Day in the future. Any time you are in town, let Patrick know and he can try to arrange a meeting with your legislator. Advocacy wins for all!

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