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Burritos and Wisdom at Food for Thought

Posted by Paul on 2/25/2014 3:32:00 PM

Today, after winter break and a schedule snafu, we were finally back on track with Food for Thought (FFT). FFT is the MDA's outreach to UMKC dental students. Monthly we provide them with a hearty lunch that they inhale and we also give them a quick shot of "mental dental food". This is designed to instruct and inspire them about "real life" in organized dentistry on the other side of graduation. And to spice things up, we give out five $20 bills to lucky winners who stay the entire time. Cash speaks!
We've been featuring MDA members who are new dentists for the most part and can share recent growing pains. It's been well received and today was no different. Dr David Suchman and Dr Mac Darnall were our speakers and they shared 5 tips to remember as you start your career. I loved it because it endorsed organized dentistry implicitly before making a out of it. And it was based on their experience (good and bad). Here briefly are the 5 points in some order. Thank you Drs Suchman and Darnall!
1. Find a mentor
2. Take advantage of CE in person
3. Get some kind of post graduate training
4. Take care of your health
5. Organized dentistry enriches your career and protects your profession
We will be back in just two weeks for another FFT featuring Dr Jon Copeland from St Louis. Watch for photos and news!

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