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The Value of Training

Posted by Paul on 2/14/2014 3:21:00 PM

An event as large as MOMOM held smack in the middle of St Louis is bound to attract media attention. That can be a wonderful opportunity for educating a variety of audiences that might not know or understand the complexity of issues surrounding the delivery of dental care in modern America. The attention can also be negative if innocent remarks are misconstrued. That's the risk of dealing with media. So what do you do? You train!
Today, the MDA's public relations firm, Fleischman and Hillard (FH), hosted a media training event for MOMOM. I attended as an event coordinator but the real stars were Dr Stu Waite and Lisa Woodfin, co-chairs for MOMOM 2014, and Dr Vince Rapini, St Louis trustee for the MDA Board. They worked on talking points, watched some clever videos about pitfalls, and did some role play under scrutiny.
Amy Bollinger (above) and Brandy Barker from FH are a great resource to help us frame our message and handle curveball questions. Their experience with media and especially media local to St Louis is invaluable as we prepare to host MOMOM in 10 weeks. It's wonderful to have good partners!
I spared the participants from painful role play photos but rest assured they were doing the heavy lifting and embracing this aspect of their volunteer leadership. Kudos to them and maybe you will see their smiling face on TV in May!

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