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New Dentist Reception at Winter Session

Posted by Paul on 1/20/2014 5:23:00 PM

When you're special like the New Dentists, you get your own private reception after the big Winter Session Happy Hour. The special event was held at chic Room 38, a cozy little bar downtown. The MDA sponsored reception wasco-hosted by Dr Ron Wilkerson and Dr Emily Mattingly. More than 20 attendees piled into the plush red velvet walled party room for some appetizers and cocktails. Other than a brief moment of introductions, the agenda was simply to connect with other new dentists around the state and swap notes on building careers, raising families, and learning the ropes of organized dentistry.
The event was scheduled to keep momentum from the Connect4Success conference last June and build toward the national ADA ND conference in KC this July. The plan seems to be working. We may do it again at the UMKC Alumni conference so keep your ears open.
I was the designated driverand I was enjoying the company so much, I forgot to take pictures. Below is the only one I snapped. It's Drs David and Emily Mattingly from Chillicothewith fellow ND, Dr Maice Scott from Columbia.

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