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Mouse Race 2013 - Say Cheese!

Posted by Paul on 11/15/2013 10:59:00 AM

Last night we held the second edition of Mouse Races and Game Night. It was a blast for all those in attendance and more importantly we grossed more than $12,800 for three great dental charities. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who made us successful. To see a full list of sponsors and to learn more about the charities, click here.
The night was filled with joviality as people ate and drank, played blackjack, cut up in costumes at the photo booth,cheered on Mouse Roulette, bought raffle tickets, bid on auction items, and most importantly bet on the races! 7 times we took bets on themice and then gathered in spirited unity around the track to watch the fierce and often comical competition. It's funny to see how quickly you get wrapped up in a rodent that you've placed $2 onto win a 30 foot race!!
The next posts will have more photos. I hope they charm you into making plans to join us next year. Just look how happy Dr Ken Weinand is with the results (last photo).
Shannon Woodcock, my co-lead from Delta Dental Health Theater, and I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped us in all manner of ways to make the night a success. We appreciate you!

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