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A Victory for Fluoridation!

Posted by Paul on 11/6/2013 2:13:00 PM

Last night was a big win for the oral health status of people residing in the City of Columbia. The city council voted 7-0 to continue fluoridating the city water supply. This isthe culmination of a lengthy dialogabout the merits and safety of fluoride in the water supply. I tip my hat to MDA member, Dr Lori Henderson, for her engagement in this and her influence in the outcome. Kudos to all Columbia dental professionalswho also contributedtheir support and testimony. You can read more here.
As dental professionals you know the wonders of fluoride as a public health issue. Thankfully79.7% of Missouri's water supply systems are fluoridated. But did you know many Missouri cities are reviewing that practice? It usually comes down to budget factorsand unfounded healthfears as reasons for review. The financial impact of long term health issues on a community froma lack of fluoride far outweigh the minor savings in a city budget from dropping the line item for fluoride. Your expert professional opinion and involvement can play a big role in protecting your community. Stay alert and stay vocal!
Next up on the fluoride front is a city council debate in Forsyth, MO on Monday, November 18th.

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