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ATSU MOSDOH Student Reception

Posted by Paul on 10/18/2013 10:40:00 AM

A new dental school. A new crop of future dentists. A new group to welcome and encourage and support. The first step in this process was a reception hosted by the NEDS. Kudos to President Dr Ed Norman and trustee, Dr Tisha Kice Briggs, for spearheading this successful outreach. They had a good turnout of members and an exceptional turnout of students. I guess "free food and beverage" is a universal appeal for students. Thanks to 3M and Patterson for their support as well.
The reception was informal with just a few words about the MDA from yours truly. Our main goal was to welcome everyone and get to know them some. The first class is 42 students from 19 states and even one from Mexico. Diversity is evident but even more evident was energy. Every student I met was sharp and engaging. With so many new transitions (school, living, etc). they have rallied around each other and bonded closely. In fact, they gave me grief when I gave away a gift card to whoever could name the state bird of Missouri. I rejected the correct answer of Bluebird before being roundly booed by everyone. Hey, I'm not from Missouri and I have Cardinal playoff fever so excuse me!
There's much to unfold witha new addition of a dental school in the state but it was great to see it up close and to meet the students and encourage and support their passion for the profession.

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