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ATSU MOSDOH insider look - part 1

Posted by Paul on 10/18/2013 10:00:00 AM

Yesterday was Kirksville Day. Vicki, Patrick, and I represented the MDA at two functions. We were part of a meeting discussing ways to promote rural practice dentistry. And we attended a new student reception hosted by the Northeast Dental Society. In between the two, Dr Chris Halliday, Dean of the ATSU Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health, gave us a spin around the new building. It was impressive!
Above you see Dr Halliday showing us the main classroom which is tricked out with the latest technology so the students can interface with each other and view a variety of media presentations including live web streams. Every student has an iPad and all text books and lectures are available electronically. No more heavy backpacks!
The SIM lab is an impressive, well lit, array of individual stations. The professor can choose to project specific information or viewpoints to each individual screen. Not being a dentist, I can't tell you much more but it certainly looked cool!
Dr Allison Crutchfield recently moved from AZ to serve as director of the SIM lab.Here she is featured in the sparkling new lab room.
Beyond the sim lab are some hygiene instruction chairs with their own sterilization area.

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