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Focus - A great recruiting tool!

Posted by Paul on 10/2/2013 11:34:00 AM

Membership in the MDA or any group is a ďbelonging transactionĒ as much as it is a matter of benefits and value. Itís human nature to want to congregate with others who share vocations, hobbies or affinities. Thatís why no one tailgates alone. You are wired to share your passion for something with others. Thatís true of the MDA as well.

When we study membership trends and influences, we pay attention to the importance of providing excellent benefits and delivering superior customer serviceóbut one trend stands above the others when asked why people join or donít join. Itís simply because someone asked them to. Itís a relational transaction. You all know a colleague in your area who is not a member. Have you ever simply asked them to consider joining? It feels good to be asked and included. Itís comforting for a new member to have a familiar face to ask questions to or speak with at events.

This month the MDA accomplished a goal from the recruitment area of our strategic plan by sending out a special ďnon-memberĒ issue of the Focus. It was a special wrap-around cover with unique information and an application. The extra issues were budgeted specifically to stir the membership discussion. It looks great and makes a great case for membership but, like dentistry, the instrument† is only as good as the hands holding it. This is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your recruiting skills. Grab your own copy of the new Focus and visit a non-memberís office. Tell them you heard they received a unique copy of MDAís award winning publication. Tell them what you like about the Focus and other benefits that you value. Maybe invite them to the upcoming Day at the Game or Winter Session. Engage them on issues in the profession and then tell them they are wanted and needed as members. Your testimony and passion is hard to refute. If nothing else, you will realize anew what membership means to you.

Enjoy the Focus! As usual it has helpful news and features that enhance your success in and your connection to the profession. But go one step further and use the Focus to help you recruit that colleague near you. Good luck!

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