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It ain't cheap being the Tooth Fairy

Posted by Paul on 9/5/2013 9:05:00 AM

The Tooth Fairy may take many different forms but there is no doubt that the Tooth Fairy has long been an essential part of the dental family. The fabled nymph has helped children worldwide overcome the fear or pain of losing a tooth by rewarding loot in exchange for their trouble and sacrifice.Who among us cannot recall stashing that tiny piece of enamel under your pillow with dreams of waking up to discover cold,hard cash in its place? It's a winning proposition and it can give a small child a more favorable view of oral health.
Back in the early days of LBJ's administration, I treasured the discovery of a shiny quarter under my pillow. I felt like a gap toothed millionaire! I imagined the Tooth Fairy with a change belt aroundher waist, dispensing quarters to brave children everywhere during her overnight delivery routes. Well times have changed and even the Tooth Fairy has not escapedinflation.
According to this recent article, kids today get $3.70 per tooth. That's almost 14 more quarters than I got!! And it's a 42% spike in payouts just over the last two years. Where does the dough come from? Is the Tooth Fairy a spoiled trust fund baby with a pushover daddy bankrolling her nightly jaunts? I could buy a candy bar and a soda for my quarter but even in today's world $3.70 can buy a whole lot more. Durn, lucky kids! They have no idea how good they got it.
But perhaps the article is really pointing to the value of good oral healthcare from the cradle to the grave. I don't need to tell this audience that. You guys have long been singing that tune. Keep it up and use all the resources at hand - including the lovely Tooth Fairy.

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