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New Dentists Spotlight - Dr Cyndi Ulrich

Posted by Paul on 8/2/2013 8:21:00 AM


“A Cape Girardeau native, Dr Cyndi Ulrich has had one adventuresome journey since graduating from UMKC SOD in 2011. Through it all her enthusiasm for her profession has never waned. Her professional experience has been a mix of returning to her hometown, working in public health in Jefferson City, finding a hit n miss mentality at different offices, and working locum tenens across the state. She seems to have found a good niche now working as the only dentist at Meramec Family Dentistry in Arnold, Mo.


Dr Ulrich and I hit the MDA scene about the same time since I started working here in late April 2011. As I tried to learn about membership and mindsets, Dr Ulrich was my go to source for how a new dentist thinks and what they value. She willingly gave me input on a presentation I made to UMKC students at Food for Thought. She took every challenge I tossed her way including attending Legislative Day and serving as an at large member on the state ND committee. Through it all, she’s learned a ton they didn’t cover in school and has been honest about the difficulty of finding your place in this lucrative career called dentistry. In fact, Dr Ulrich will be a speaker this fall and address these issues head on when she shares with UMKC students at an upcoming Food for Thought. It’s this “real life” stuff that the students beg us to provide.


I appreciate Dr Ulrich’s candor and willingness to plug in and discover what organized dentistry means to her. I can only hope that all our new graduates choose to do the same. Hopefully, the MDA has offered some good resources to help Dr Ulrich along the way. We must be doing something right because she called and begged me to bring her an MDA sticker for her office door. The photo above captures her excitement over it all. Best wishes to her and all our new dentists as they figure their careers out. Remember, the MDA is here to help.”

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