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Rockies Game at ADA NDC

Posted by Paul on 7/22/2013 3:31:00 PM

While I know Baseball Heaven is in St Louis, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the fine points of other stadiums and the somewhat entertaining competition between two lesser known teams. Thanks to the wonderful support of the ADPAC, we were treated to a fabulous picnic dinner and baseball game at Coors Field between the Rockies and the Cubbies (which no doubt thrilled the ADA folks from Chicago [especially since they won!). The stadium offers wonderful views of both the Denver skyline and God's skyline, the Rocky Mountains.
It was fun to have a large group outing with lots of time to mingle and relax. Some talked business, others talked baseball, still others talked with old dental school friends. I tried to let the Coors Light do the talking! It was a great night. Thank you ADPAC.
By the way, did you know Missouri's own, Dr Charles McGinty is the new chair-elect of the ADPAC? Kudos to him. He was in his element and would make you proud with his commitment and professionalism. These ADPAC guys work tirelessly to track and influence the issues while supporting the good guys. You can join for just $50. It's money well invested.

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