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The Mice Are Back!!

Posted by Paul on 7/17/2013 9:02:00 AM

If you were among the blessed chosen who were able to attend the inaugural Mouse Race event at Mid-Continent Dental Congress (MCDC) in St Louis last year, this news will thrill your heart. If you were on the outside looking in, this opportunity will make your day!
Yes, the 2nd annual Mouse Races are being planned as we speak. That's my co-lead, Shannon Woodcock from Delta Dental Health Theater (DDHT), in the photo above at our in depth planning session yesterday. We have many ideas to enhance this crazy and unique night both for your enjoyment and for the greater benefit of the three charities involved: DDHT, MDA Foundation, Well Being Foundation.
If you are in St Louis or planning to attend MCDC in November, make plans to join us at the races. It's an open night for dentists, staff. families, vendors, and anyone who loves mice and charity. We have many more sponsorship opportunities plus all the same casino games, entertainment, food, auction items, and silliness from last year. Be watching www.modental.org/mouseraces in August for a chance to buy tickets or brand your company name on one of our race items. You might name the winning mouse that takes the grand prize! Just like SLU STAR did last year (named and trained by Center for Advanced Dental Education).

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