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C4S: The Social Aspect

Posted by Paul on 7/1/2013 4:02:00 PM

We chose the title, Connect4Success, intentionally because we wanted to emphasize the need to meet and know your colleagues. This fosters better organizational leadership, deeper professional relationships, and some much needed relaxation. To that end, we made sure the C4S event had several chances to network. Besides the opening luncheon and breaks, the big event was the rooftop Rum Extravaganza Reception late Friday afternoon. I think it was the highlight for most people. Judging by the slowly rolling in crowd at breakfast the next day on the same rooftop, the entire night was quite fun!
I'll spare you the breakfast photos and concentrate on the reception. Here's a social guide to help you identify photos. I hope I get names right!
1. Dr David Urbanek (GSLDS)shakes hands with Dr Courtney Beussink (SEDS).
2. Drs Nick Matthews and Jeremy Bowen (both GSDS) share a beer.
3. Dr Sarah Mahaffey (ND state committee chair/GSDS) visits with Dr Crystal Strickler (CDS).
4. Minnesota Dental student and future St Louis resident Melanie Cyra visits with MDA executive director, Vicki Wilbers.
5. Dr Conrad Journee (GKCDS) soaks up the lake view with Dr Fallon Stiens (NWDS)and her husband.
6. Springfield was well represented with Drs. Nick Matthews, NickHein, Josh Montgomery, Darren Mahaffey, Sarah Mahaffey, David Altman, Nathan Bauer, Jody Vance, and Dan Kessler.
7. The golf crew talked a lot of smack but scorecards and drink consumption will not be revealed! Survivors include Dr Darren Mahaffey (GSDS), Dr Brian Sutton (GKCDS), me, Dr Jon Copeland (organizer/GSLDS), Dr Patrick Jordan (NWDS) and Dr Peter Mohn (KS)

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