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C4S: Sponsors and Presenters

Posted by moda on 7/1/2013 3:36:00 PM

Critical to the success of a new event is the support of sponsors and good content. We wanted to keep the intimate feel of a smaller crowd so we asked two sponsors to carry the load along with some vital grant help from the ADA. Stepping up to help us were MDIS and Edmonds Dental Prosthetics Inc. Both took an active role in meeting and assisting all the attendees.
The first photo is Paul Phillips from Edmonds. They not only exhibited but Paul was a presenter on the topic of Lab Communication: Achieving Excellent Results. Another long time partner is MDIS who not only sponsored but scheduled their board meeting around the conference so they could hear Dr Gallery and meet all the attendees. Above, Greg Russell, executive vice president of MDIS, speaks at the opening luncheon.
Rounding out our excellent field of presenters were Dr Craig Hollander and two gentlemen from the McGill and Hill Group located in North Carolina. Dr Hollander's topic was Dentistry for Children: Getting and Early Start. The final topics of Financial Independence for New Doctors and Investing 101 for New Doctors were deftly handled by Jeffrey Harrell and Brett Miller. Their topics seem to resonate from the head to the wallet of everyone in attendance.
A special thanks to sponsors and presenters for their active engagement in making C4S a winner.

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