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A Hero Among Us

Posted by Paul on 6/25/2013 2:42:00 PM

"These are individuals who have done something extraordinary to save a life."
Thoseare the words of Nancy Sell, project manager for the American Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter's Lifesaver Awards. Among the nine award winners she was referring to is MDA member, Dr. Rick Bohon from Columbia. Tonight at a ceremony at the North Jefferson City Pavilion, Dr Bohon received the Medical Lifesaver Award sponsored by US Bank. I know Dr Bohon personally and I regret not being able to attend the event and capture the moment. We did however get a chance to visit at church about what happened in May.
Dr Bohon and his good friend and neighbor, Joe Moseley, were cycling the Katy Trail as they had often done over the last twenty years. Both men are experienced bikers and had joined a larger group for a longer ride. Due to a calendar conflict, the two men broke off early from the group in Hartsburg and headed back to Columbia. As they rode, Joe was laboring considerably and Dr Bohon was concerned enough that he phoned ahead to alert family of their earlier than planned arrival.
Just asthey reached the parking lot, Joe went into full cardiac arrest. Dr Bohon wasted no time. He fervently started giving chest compressions to his life long friend. At the same time, he was screaming for help because he did not want to take the time to get his phone from his bike and call 911. Thankfully a pedestrian across the lot heard the commotion and drew near enough to hear Dr Bohon tell them to dial 911. All the while, Dr Bohon was forcefully and rapidly giving chest compressions even as his pal started to lose color and showed no signs of response.
Suddenly the paramedics and Dr Bohon's son all arrived at the same time. It took electric shock to revive Joe but thanks to the consistent and quick acting care of Dr Bohon, his friend is alive and well today.Dr Bohonsays Joe is mad at him because he chest is still sore. I call that the badge of friendship.
The MDA staff recently took a BLS class at the office and I commented to Dr Bohon how I hoped I would never need to use it. He had taken the class many times and saidhis experiencewas more than he ever wanted to encounter again. He was very humble about the wholeincident and delighted to have his friend and neighbor still among us. Still, I congratulate Dr Bohon on his honor. He makes us all proud here at the MDA.
Let this be a reminder to all of us. Your office personnel all take BLS. Stay on the ready. It can save lives!

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