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Special Olympics

Posted by Paul on 5/31/2013 1:46:00 PM

It may seem like MOMOM getsa lot of the ink but MDA leads another outstanding volunteer dental clinic each year for the Special Olympics called Special Smiles. It's a pleasure for the MDAto partner with such a solid organization and help their athletes increase awareness of their own oral health. It's also beneficial to the parents and caregivers who support the athletes year round.
The Special Smiles dental screenings are just as much fun for the athletes as the events they train for year round. This weekend in Columbia is the high point of the year for many. Today, it was fellow MDA staffers, Stacey Kloeppel and Cassie Tangney, who hit the road forthis great event. They were part of 15 volunteers who joined 3 hygienists and 8 dentists to round out the dental clinic team that gave oral health screenings and passed out "Goody Bags" with paste, brush, and floss for each participant.
For three years in a row, I have had a conflict on this date but Stacey and Cassie always love to go and come back with heart warming stories of interacting with the athletes. It's great to be able to offer this service to this population.
Featured above are Drs Bethany Baillargeon, Bryan Foote, and Kyle Lisenby - just three of volunteer docs.Thanks to all for their time and commitment to make it a success!

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