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MOMOM - A Final Word

Posted by Paul on 5/6/2013 10:26:00 AM

As we wrap up our second successful MOMOM, I would be remiss not to thank those brave and dedicated souls in Cape Girardeau who stepped up to the plate to bring this clinic to their community. They eagerly signed up for duty and then dutifully involved their whole community from fundraising to volunteer service. Visit the sponsor page at www.momom.org and you will see individuals, companies, and churches who all chipped in.
Of particular note was the fantastic way that Southeast Missouri State University chose to partner with us. Dr Dobbins and his whole staff embraced the opportunity to serve the region. From the facility team to public relations to every imaginable option, SEMO was a generous and like minded partner.
The photo above is most of the main leads who worked for more than a year to pull this baby together. I salute you all. And of course, we were allrudderless without our enthusiastic and hard working leader, Dr. Janet Ruopp. We could never quantify the sacrifice of time and energy made by her, her family, and her dental practice. She loves her community and loves to serve and we all tip our hat to you, Dr. Ruopp. Thank you for leading the way.
The preliminary results of our collective effort are very positive. They include serving over 1,775 patients while delivering more than $950,000 in free dental care. That is impressive!
Lastly, I'll leave you with a quote I heard yesterday at a high school awards ceremony. I think it gives us perspective.
"There are things you can count that don't mean anything. And there are things that you can't count that mean an awfullot."

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