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MOMOM - The Volunteers

Posted by Paul on 5/5/2013 10:07:00 AM

Riddle: How do you provide dentistry to over 1700 people in 2 days in a temporary setting? Answer: It takes an army of dedicated volunteers who love people and who love dentistry and who don't mind working hard.
I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the more than 1000 volunteers who worked behind, in front or on the scene at MOMOM. They registered patients, they parked cars, they hung signs, they emptied trash, they served food, they entered data, they restocked supplies, they escorted patients, they monitored doors, they passed out good bags, they unloaded and loaded massive amounts of equipment, they problem solved on the fly, they calmed the nervous and laughed with the merry, and if they were a dental professional, they gave of their time and skill to provide critical care and first rate treatment. All of them of course did it with a smile!
Saying thank you seems to fall short but based on the comments below that I personally received, I would say once you are a MOMOM volunteer, you are hooked. Thank you all and see you at the next one!
·         “I was overwhelmed by how appreciative all of the patients were” 

·         She was BESIDES herself with tears of JOY!THIS is what makes these events great!”

·         “Everything about it, from check in, to the administrators, to those who escorted the patients, was a pleasure”

·         “Volunteering in such a setting ALWAYS reminds me how blessed I am to have such a skill to offer. It renews my love of dentistry.”

·         “I feel so proud of our state and grateful to be a part of its dental community”

·         I would have loved to have been in every section just to see what everyone else experiences.  Thanks to everyone for your perseverance and dedication.  I know there were a lot of appreciative people.”

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