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MOMOM - How Long Would You Wait?

Posted by Paul on 5/2/2013 8:56:00 AM

The value of something can often be measured in how long you will wait for it. A frequent phrase you hear at MOMOM is "It was worth the wait." Just how long kind that wait be?I arrived at the Show Me Center for set up at about 9 am on Thursday. The first patients were already in line just outside the door. By mid afternoon the first tent was in place. When I left about 6 pm that night, the rain had started to fall but spirits remained elevated. At 3:45 am the next morning, I was in disbelief as I walked the line in the chilly rain and found people sleeping on the ground or huddled in groups. Not a single one spoke a discouraging word. In fact, when I said the doors would open soon, they cheered.
The value of hard work can often be measured in the satisfaction of a plan realized. I found it very satisfying after months of planning and coordinating with a host of highly committed volunteers to walk outside and see the reason we do this. There are so many fellow humans who are in dire pain and have no other alternatives for care. Waiting 20 hours or more in the rain just to get insideonlytowait several more hours is a mild inconvenience. It's humbling and inspiring to think we get to work together to help them.

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