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Healthy Kids Day - Year 2

Posted by Paul on 4/27/2013 1:22:00 PM

Today was Healthy Kids Day (HKD)at the Carondelet Park Rec Complex in south St Louis as well as at many YMCA's across the state. For the second year in a row, MDA teamed up with local Y's and MO DHSS to being an oral health education component to more than 1,000 kids and families.
This year 13 Y's (up from 8 last year)from all partsofthe state chose to participate. Previous to the events, local radio spots were aired that combined the MDA Your Mouth Is Talkingcampaign with promotion of the HKD program. Many commented on hearing the spots and seeing record attendance as a result. That's a win before we even get started!
At the event, wonderful, local volunteers commit their time to teach childrenthe importance ofbrushing twice daily for 2 minutes, eating healthy, andvisiting the dentist regularly. Everything the volunteers needed was right out of the box and easy to do. Kids would leave with a goody bag containing brush, paste, flosser, and 2 minute timer. At least 100 goody bags were included at each location. This year participating locations were KC, St Louis, Springfield, Cameron, Mexico, Marshall, Louisiana, Fulton, Lebanon, Sikeston, Boonville, Bolivar, and Kirksville.
On behalf of Melissa Albertsonand I who co-lead this project for the MDA, I wish to thank all the Y's for their cooperative spirit and being easy to work with. And a big thank you to those volunteers who care about kids and gave up part of their weekend to serve. The pictures above are from my visit to Carondelet Park. A super shout out to the eager and awesome students from Forest Park Hygiene school - Tathena, Amanda, Jaimie, and Kate!

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