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Rare Special Session of the House

Posted by Paul on 4/26/2013 11:37:00 AM

Late this Friday afternoon in the basement conference room of the MDA office, a special session of the House of Delegates convened. It was a cozy setting for the quorum who was able to attend this rare gathering.What prompted this unique event? You'll be happy to know it was an effort to save about a year in the time line of the governance task force work.
TheMDA appointed aGovernance Task Force Committee, chaired by Dr Joseph Sokolowski,to work with consultant, Dr Michael Gallery, on how to review and streamline the governance practices of the MDA. At the official HOD meeting last November, the delegates approved the Performance Requirements expected of the MDA. Since then the task force has been meeting to determine where they see "gaps" between what should be (performance requirements) and what is (actual performance). In order for the task force to proceed, it was first necessary for the House to approve the "gaps" as reported by the task force. Waiting to do this until next November would have really delayed the work and momentum of the task force. In January the MDA Board reviewed and approved theGap Analysisbut now it was the House's turn.
Gathering together in person was the most prudent way to handle this important piece of business. I was very impressed with everyone's effort to attend. Speaker Dr Robert Butler did an excellent job running his first House meeting in an unusual location. Proper protocol was followed from start to finish and after relatively little discussion, the House voted to approve the Gap Analysis as presented. The whole thing was over in less than an hour and delegates returned home for the weekend.
So what's next? The task force meets to discuss ideas for closing the gaps and what that might look like. The MDA Board will review those ideas and then the House will get the latest update next November - a full year ahead of where we would be normally.
Thanks again to everyone who worked hard to prepare and attend this rare special session of the House.

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