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Two Week Warning

Posted by Paul on 4/17/2013 11:06:00 AM

In sports, the two minute warning is a crucial moment. It helps a team regroup to finish strong and win the game. This two week warning is similar when it comes to MOMOM. Currently we have over 850 volunteers (about 120 dentists - we need closer to 200). Let me encourage you to sign up at www.momom.org. and help us win the game.
PSA's are playing on the radio and TV. Editorials are running in the paper. Fliers have been distributed across the region. People of all ages will make their way to the Show Me Center very earlyto wait for the clinic doors to open at 5 am on Friday, May 2. Why? Because they are in desperate need of dental care and seemingly have no other option.
Participating in a MOMOM is like no other experience in charitable care. The mere scope is overwhelming to the senses. The united effort by so many people delivers a unique feeling that overrides the weariness of a long day. The gratitude of the patients is sweet and sincere.
Dr. Jan Ruopp and her team have been working hard for more than a year and it's all about to payoff. Please consider working a shift and contributing to this worthwhile effort. You'll be glad you did.
Success is just two weeks away. See you there!

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