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Hygiene at the Capitol

Posted by Paul on 4/9/2013 10:11:00 AM

Last night I was an active citizen and attended a meeting at the Capitol. It was the Oral Health Issue Development Committee chaired by Representative Donna Lichtenegger (R-Cape Girardeau). Representative Lichtenegger uses the meeting to inform legislators and interested citizens about a variety of oral health topics. Rep. Lichtenegger, a hygienist,often consults with the MDA and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health to bring in speakers.
There was a good size crowd in the room to hear Dottie Gholson (pictured above to the right of Rep. Lichtenegger) provide an update on the Oral Health Coalition of SE Missouri. Ms Gholson is the Oral Health Coordinator and reported that last year 6,704 youth were screened in 27 schools and 22 preschools in the local areawith many children receiving fluoride varnish. The amount of collaboration from various partners involvedis impressive but it was also clear more providers are needed.
This topic naturally led to a good discussion about the upcoming MOMOM project in Cape Girardeau. There weresome questions and I was glad to be there and able to highlight this effort to legislators.
Also on the agenda was another MDA and MOMOM friend, Donnell Cox of Dentaquest. She gave a succinct overview of dental insurance services theyprovide through the three state selected Managed Care Organizations.
Our legislators rely on industry insiders to educate them on all the various issues they must vote on. Providing a committee and an agenda like this is a useful tool. Of course, hearing directly from you, their constituents, is also critical. To follow all the legislative issues that affect you and the MDA, visit the Advocacy tab at www.modental.org or contact our legislative director Patrick Baker at patrick@modental.org.

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