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2013 Legislative Reception

Posted by Paul on 1/17/2013 3:27:00 PM

Last night at the G2 Gallery in Jefferson City, the MDA held their annual legislative reception and by all accounts it was a big success.We had a healthyattendance from both our elected officials and our MDA members. Almost all sections of the state were represented and the interaction was attentive and productive. The relaxed cocktail and refreshment setting facilitated easy conversation between members and their elected officials. For many, this was a natural extension of relationships built back in the home district. For all, it was a good chance to eyeball our leaders and voice our concerns for the just begun legislative session. With many first time officials and many key committee leaders present, it was a prime opportunity to discuss our position on capped fees, Medicaid improvements, tax credits, and overall improvements to oral health.
This was Patrick Baker's first reception at the helm as MDA's Legislative Director but it was clear he knew the territory. His experience in the Senate was reflected in strong senate representation and his familiarity with the issues gave confidence to all our members. I can't underscore enough how valuable events like these are for educating our officials and building momentum in relationships. Plus they are more fun than you might imagine. Make plans now to join us at the Capitol on February 27, 2013 for our MDA Legislative Day.
As for the photos, all attendees were delighted to take home some free oral health supplies including Senator David Pearce (R -21st District) from Warrensburg. Senator Pearce is standing with MDA Legislative Director, Patrick Baker. MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, is in betweenSenator Scott T. Rupp (R-2nd District) from St. Charlesand RepresentativeChris Molendorp (R-56th District). Rep. Molendorp from Kansas City is sponsoring the capped fee legislation in the House. And then there's Dr. JC Standlee, LRC Chair, showing information to Representative Sue Meredith (D-71st District). She represents part of the St Louis metro area.
Thanks to all who attended - both members and officials. It takes a two way street to make democracy run.

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