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Cancer. Do you know it?

Posted by Paul on 12/18/2012 11:29:00 AM

While this is not exactly a holiday theme post, I know it might have implications for many of you because cancer does not take holidays. It's a safe bet that anybody reading this knows someone close to them that†is battling†cancer or regretfully lost a tough battle with this heartless enemy. In fact, 2 out of every 3 people will have some type of cancer. Regardless of ribbon color, it's hard to live in this world at this time and not encounter cancer at some level in your life. In reviewing some old notes, I was reminded of a great†product that MDIS offers as to members. Consider this a healthy†holiday present from me to you.

The expense of travel and treatment and†life adjustment is one of the many impacts of cancer on a family regardless of how good your†health insurance is. This policy†helps lessen the blow. You can purchase it for yourself, your spouse,†or even your extended family.
You pay $8.50/month for $10k Lump sum payout upon first diagnosis of an†internal cancer or malignant melanoma. You can get up to $50k in coverage. Itís not paid to a doctor but to you directly. Itís not taxable; thereís no 1099 to file and there are no limitations on how you spend the money. The policy pays regardless of other existing coverages. You can receive your total cash benefit whether or not you are hospitalized or receive treatment.†Itís a secure company with good claim history. You can payroll deduct it. Itís portable, canít be canceled, and the premium has never been raised. We get the business rate but you're not eligible if youíve had a cancer diagnosis before. Call MDIS for full details.

This might make the perfect stocking stuffer and give you some peace of mind in cancer's uncertain and cruel world. Thanks for listening!

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