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Mouse Race Photos

Posted by Paul on 11/10/2012 1:48:00 PM

A fun night is best told by photos. Here's a brief recap for those who missed out. Don't let that happen next year! :)
Row One: Drs. Ollie Fisher and Richard Haffner battle it out in Heads n Tails. Amazingly, Dr. Haffner won both rounds of this game! Dr. James Schmidt places his bet at the betting table before one of the six heats. Alice from DDHT and Vicki from MDA work the Bank. We make it easy for you to buy chips and play all the games.
Row Two: The mouse in lane 5 approaches the hurdle with a big lead. Drs. Craig Hollander and Charles Poeschl battle it out at the Black Jack table. MDIS honcho Greg Russell enjoys a laugh.
Row Three: Shannon Woodcock awards the Money Bags trophy to Cathy Heinson for donating back the most chips after a winning night. The prize table shows the Keller Labs Big Cheese Trophy and the Fastest Alumni Mouse certificate. In a bold sweep ofboth prizes, "SLU Star" trained by Dr. John Hatton from the Center for Advanced Dental Education was the grand champion mouse of the night. And yes, co-chairs Paul Roberts and Shannon Woodcock try to lead by example!
Row Four: Lucinda Shearman checks out the sweet items at the silent auction. Thanks to a host of generous donors and bidders, we made $2670 from the auction. And finally, in a scene that was repeated by many throughout the night, Drs. Schmidt and Hollander cheer wildly because their mouse was a winner!
Thanks again to everyone. Please make plans to join us and see me for sponsorship opportunities.

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