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House of Delegates - Awards and Fun

Posted by Paul on 11/3/2012 10:15:00 AM

A highlight of the House of Delegates is the camaraderie of people who care for the profession. This hits a zenith at the reception and awards banquet.It's a fun time of seeing old friends and honoring colleagues for their service. The lighting was dark but I will attempt to showcase a few winners and friendly faces!
Top Row: Melissa Albertson and Margie Kunzie, just two of the hard working and always smiling MDA staff. Dr/ Elwood Rice presented the Presidential Citation Award to Drs. Tim Taylor, Joe Shea, Ed Kendrick, and Jim Osborne for their dedication and contributionto the EFDA program. Dr. Sarah Mahaffey (center) celebrates her Outstanding New Dental Leader award with her family.
Second Row: Our first ever MDA female president, Dr. Lynne Barbour celebrates with her family. The Dentist of the Year Award went to Dr. Michael Hoffman shown here with some of his many supporters. And Ellen Kessler, former executive director of the GSLDS was given an honorary MDA membership for her years of service tot he profession.
Third Row: Dr. Rex Witherspoon received the Distinguished Service Award. And a big salute to Dr. William Toole and Dr. A.C. Edwards for reaching 50 years of membership in the MDA!

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