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House of Delegates - The Process

Posted by Paul on 11/2/2012 8:56:00 AM

Quick, can you briefly explain how the MDA handles its (your)business? How are you represented? How does change occur? Who's running the show? I'll admit it took me a little time to comprehend it but now I see howour governancedoes allow for member input with a solid system of checks and balances. I won't go into depth to explain every detail but I do want you to understand and see some photos because this is your association at work.
The MDA has eight component dental societies across the state. You are part of one of them. Each component appoints delegates based on size to represent them at the annual meeting, The House of Delegates. Any MDA member may be put forward a resolution prior to the House suggesting changes orareas of focus for the profession. These resolutions are reviewed by the Board to suggest revisions for clarity and practicalityand togive insight as to how theystand on the issue. Those changes are reviewed by the component caucuses and then the reference committee hears open discussion on the resolution. At this time, any MDA member (delegate or otherwise) is welcome to share their opinion on the issue. After this hearing, the resolutions are reviewed in reference committee executive session where a final recommendation on action is decided. The following day after component caucuses review those final recommendations, the House delegates vote on each issue. These votes determine the direction of the Board, the work of the staff, and the fiscal impact to the association. It really is athoughtful, secure process that allows for member input all along the way.
The two day House of Delegates session also features a number of annual reports and presentations that update the members on a variety of topics that affect the profession. Parliamentary procedure isfollowed throughout and several traditions are kept as well. You really should considerattending one year to get a broader perspective on how your association conducts business.

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