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UMKC students Progress into the Future

Posted by Paul on 11/5/2012 10:41:00 AM

No doubt that dental school can feel like a tunnel vision effort but it does eventually end and then what? How do eager new doctors find the best starting point for their career? How do they balance the need to reduce loan debt and balance ling range dreams with immediate opportunities? I think the GKCDS provides a great service to help UMKC students explore those questions in real life settings. They do this by hosting a Progressing Into the Future event using student outreach dollars from the MDA. The evening provides a tour of three different styles of practices. At each stop, the students get another portion of their meal while quizzing the host about their practice choices. They also get a detailed tour of the officeand hear from a vendor sponsor on a certain topic.
Tonight, about 15 students gathered at Dr. Prabu Raman's office to kick off the tour. There they heard from Becky Atkinson, a Benco sales rep. She talked about the importance of identifying a supply partner rather than trying to order from an enormous catalog. The students enjoyed ravioli appetizers and quizzed Dr. Raman about his evolution into being a niche specialty in the dental market.
Across the street, the tour continued with a main course and a refreshingly candid perspective from Dr. Howard Shapiro who after a few moves had settled into the practice style that fit him best. Ken Smith from UMB Bank, gave a brief presentation and answered many questions about how financing is secured.
At the final stop, students saw a large scale practice (18 ops) that was successful in other ways. Students were curious about the management and HR issues unique to that setting. Dr. William Tinsleywas quick to answer and a gracious host.Jeri Wildhaber from MDIS spoke about insurance offerings and I spoke about the importance of MDA membership and professional relationships over the course of a long career. In fact, the theme of partnership wove throughout the night. It applies to dental suppliers, bankers, insurers, associations, co-workers, etc.
These are great tangible events and I love seeing our members open their doors and engage their future colleagues. Dr. Kelly Suchman and Sam Sivley from GKCDS did a great job leading the night and making sure it all came together. As I'm fond of saying, "Kudos to everyone!"

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