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The 5 Minute Interview!

Posted by Paul on 10/25/2012 9:26:00 AM

I stayed in Kansas City after Food for Thought because that evening there was an experimental event hosted by the GKCDS. It was an effort to bring together 4th year students who are looking for opportunities in Missouri to be an associate or buy into a practice with MDA dentists who are beginning to plan their transition away from practice ownership. Talk about your practical, felt need subject matter!
In order to protect the privacy of those involved, I did not take any pictures but I will try to summarize the event. Dr. Kelly Suchman, president of GKCDS and Sam Sivley, executive director for GKCDS, dida great job of organizing the event so it would flow well. Opening remarks were made by the event sponsors, Dr. Frank Gardner of Practice Transition Consulting, LLC and Dr. Steve Wolff of EMA DentalPractice Sales. Then we arranged for the 5 participating dentists to sit at the their own table. The 7 students would rotate through for 5 minute face to face interviews with each dentist. (I worked the timer which tapped all my faculties!).
The set up was great because each doctor could meet and compare a variety of young students to see how they might fit in their setting. Meanwhile the students are learning to ask good questions and canlearn about opportunities they can actually consider. When they weren't face to face with a doctor, the students could learn a little more about the services of Drs. Gardner and Wolff. And while 5 minutes may seem short, it was great for keeping the pace alive and respecting everyone's time.
It was first ever event of this kind for GKCDS but feedback from all parties was positive and insights were learned for improving future events. I tip my hand to the GKCDS. There's a unique responsibility being in the backyard of the state's largest dental school. They do a great job engaging our future members. I look forward to joining them next week for a Progressing into the Future event that allows students to see three different sizes/types of practices and ask direct questions with the host doctors. I'm sure to blog about that!

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