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Dr. Burleson provides the thought; MDA provides the food

Posted by Paul on 10/25/2012 9:08:00 AM

Several of my favorite things came together today at UMKC - dental students, Dr. Burleson, and BBQ!
It was my first Food For Thought lunch n learn of this school year. It'spresented by MDA and MDIS and it's a great way for these ravenous dental students to not only feed their gut with a quick break in the day but also to feed their soul with some first rate content from a variety of speakers.
Today's speaker was Dr. Dustin Burleson. He really mixes it up with the students as he gives practical and thought provoking insights into the world after dental school. Plus he rewards correct answers with Starbucks gifts cards. Dr. Burleson's topic today was about developing an inspiring workplace. He encouraged students to not just hire and employ staff with routine duties but instead give them something to master, give them autonomy, give them something beyond rules or bonuses, and give them responsibility and purpose. It was well received as eager ears pondered their fast approaching new work places. Way to go, Dr. Burleson. You do the MDA proud!
You might notice in the photos above that there was a big crowd! We had 50 newstudents sign up for MDA student membership. It's a real deal at $10 for 6 meals. You might also notice that the food is delicious and you better be on time! It's never too late to join and Dr. Burleson has offered a $1,000 scholarship to one lucky first year if we get 100% enrollment from the first year class. To find out more, email Mandy at mandy@modental.org.

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