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AT Still Update

Posted by Paul on 10/8/2012 11:24:00 AM

It was my pleasure to join MDA President Dr. Elwood Rice for the installation of officers at the Northeast Dental Society meeting in Kirksville on Friday, October 5th. The meeting had a few highlights. Before lunch was served, we had the privilege to hear Dr. Chris Halliday, Dean of the new dental school being built at A.T. Still University there in Kirksville. Construction is coming along as you can tell by my photo.
Dr. Halliday said the simulation lab was the prize jewel of the newsite and would initially handle 40 students with a maximum capacity of 65. Students will spend the first 2 years in Kirksville before spending their 3rd year in community health clinics in the St Louis region. During 4th year as many as half of the students will leave St Louis for further instruction at FQHC's across the state. The education model isfeaturing modules that focus on immersion in a particular area for about a 2 week period. They envision the staff to be about 4 full timers and another 5-8 adjunct professors. They hope to find opportunities for the medical (osteopathic) students to interact with the dental students on campus. They have not had their first accreditation visit and there are still many hoops to jump through as the curriculum and structure get put in place.
Dr. Halliday fielded several questions from those in attendance and invited them to two future opportunities to learn more about the new dental school. The school will host events on October 10th and October 16th from 6:00-7:30. The NEDS and Dr. Rice wish to thank Dr. Halliday for his time and his eagerness to share with the MDA how things were progressing.

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